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Welcome to Mrs. Cloudy's Pride -- Sphynx Cattery

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Welcome at the english section of Mrs. Cloudys Pride Sphinx cattery. We hope you enjoy our site.


We first met the Sphynx ten years ago. When we first saw them we instantly fell in love with the race. Sphynxes are very social cats and always glad to "help" you out in their own special way. Your heart must be made of stone not to like them.

After a while we bought our first sphynx kitten Cloudy, it was after her that we named the cattery.

There are many different ways to spell the name Sphynx, like sfinx or sphinx, but however you spell their name it's the greatest race to us. The sphynx has a very social an playful character. They love to help you do your household chores and aren't afraid of strangers either. Our cats suprised many repairmen!

 Reactions to the sphynx from the public ranges from two extremes, either they love them or hate them. This was especially true when the sphynx was still very rare. Now that they have become more accepted people are starting to get used to their appearance.

In 2001 we took part in a large Easter show organised by Mundikat to get the Fife, the worldwide organisation of cat associations, to aknowlegde the sphynx race officially.To commemorate the fifth aniversary of this event in 2006 Mundikat organised another Sphynx show just like the one five years ago.

 After several shows we started thinking about having a litter with our cats. As the years went by our sphynxfamily has grown. We have about two litters a year and each thirteen weeks with the kittens are a joy. The kittens and their mother live in our livingroom with us and grow up their experiencing everything that happens in a household. They also play with our other cats to help them be as social as possible when it is time for them to leave.

 We only give our cats premium foodbrands as Eukanuba, Royal Canin and Pro-Plan. Sphynxes have higher metabolisms then other cats so they eat more. This makes it important to feed them premium brands so as not to overstress their digestion. Our kittens are also fed with premiumbrand pate such as Almo Nature, Schesir and Nutro Choice. Proper food at an early age is important for a kitten to become a healthy adult.

Our breeding program is supported by drs. Paula Hendriks from veteranary clinic Zuiderkaag

Frieda Grisdijk