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Welcome to Mrs. Cloudy's Pride -- Sphynx Cattery

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The first time I heard of the Sphynx was ten years ago. When we saw the Sphynx in the flesh we instantly fell in love with the breed.

After a while we could buy a kitten, a lovely female, blue tortie, named Cloudy. After her we named our cattery.


We think the sphynx is the most wunderful catbreed there is. Their caracter is described as:

a quarte a cat, a quarter a dog, a quarter a child and a quarter a monkey. And indeed one sees all these caracteristics in the caracter of the Sphynx.




After a few years in which we attended catshows with our Sphynx we started to think how nice it would be to have a litter. At this moment it was already some years later and we had tried to read as much as we could find about the Sphynx and breeding cats.

Now many years later our Sphynx-family has become larger. We expect about two litters each year. The kittens and their mother stay in our livingroom. The other cats like to play with the little ones. So the kittens are well socialized to other cats and householdnoises.

The thirteen weeks or sometimes even more when the kittens are with us we cuddle them as much as we can. Image



Frieda Grisdijk

Edam, the Netherlands

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