dinsdag 11 augustus 2020 

Welcome to Mrs. Cloudy's Pride -- Sphynx Cattery

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At various times in history there have been found naked cats. At the beginning of the twentieth century Mr. Shinick from Albequerque/New Mexico obtained two cats, probably the last ones, of a hairless breed kept by the local Indians. From photos we can concluded that although Dick and Nellie, as they were called ,were naked they were no Sphynx.


From time to time spontaneous mutations  took place leading to the birth of hairless kittens. In 1966 was a hairless kitten born from a domestic cati n Canada. The same thing happened in 1978 at a farm  in Minnesota. These cats were used in the Sphynxbreedingprogram. In 1978 were two naked females, Punkie and Paloma, and one male, Bambi,  found in Ontario. These cats were used for the Sphynxbreedingprogram of Mr. Hugo Hernandez. Mr. Hernandez imported the first Sphynx-cats from Canada into the Netherlands. He worked together with Mrs. Hannie Nathans.


At that time the Sphynx by its appearance encountered a lot of resistance.  In the 1990's the Sphynx made its comeback. Although there aren't still many of them, there is more interest for the breed than ever.