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Welcome to Mrs. Cloudy's Pride -- Sphynx Cattery

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Does a Sphynx need special care?

Yes, just like us humans the skin of the Sphynx has sebaceous glands. As time passes the skin becomes dirty and can feel somewhat greasy. The Sphynx must be put in bath, just like we regularly take a shower or a bath. My advise is to bath your sphynx once a week. As cleansing product you c na use any baby product with soap or baby showergel or a cleansing product for a sensitive skin like for example Dove cream shower, Sanex or cleansing products Ph-neutral. If you don't bath your Sphynx in time he will give stains on your clothing or bed sheets, besides this it's for the cat also good to be put in bath on a regular basis.


How to bath my Sphynx?

Every breeder has his own way, but I do it as follows: I already bath the kittens from aprrox. 6 weeks. So they get used to the bathingproces. I put a antiskid mat in the bath, you can also put it in the sink. Then I fill a little washtub with luke-warm water. I use two face cloths, one for the fresh water and the other for the soap. I put the cat on the antiskid mat, not into the tub. I first rinse the head with fresh water, then the body is moistened. After this I wash the body with soap. Afterwards thoroughly rinse the body with fresh water without soap. Of course dry the cat good afterwards. Then the ears are cleaned and the nails clipped.

Here you see our Morpheus in bad, he loves to walk around in the warm water.


The others watch here and one see them think: "no thanks for us, our weekly bath is more then enough for us!"